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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Larry McLean - Director of "The Mob" our new addition to Gilt Entertainment production team.

Larry McLean
We are proud the announce our Director on "The Mob" film produced by Gilt Entertainment, which is based on the novel written by Marlene Mendoza and G. R. Holton who also wrote the screenplay. Larry's team has won one nomination and one win as best DGC Award.

The story is


Maria who becomes daddy's little girl very quickly only to see him killed in cold blood on her tenth birthday. She vows to avenge his killer.


It is 1915 and a beautiful girl is born to Anthony and Brigitta Cachiotti. Maria becomes daddy’s little girl very quickly only to see him killed in cold blood on her tenth birthday. While holding his hand during his last breath Maria vows to avenge her father’s death.
Maria learns to sing and then traps her father’s murderer Antonio Capresi into marrying her. The game begins as she tries to gather enough information to catch him and the rest of his mobster types to put them in jail or end them completely.
Will Maria avenge her father or will the mob win the game? She is either going to put Antonio away or exact the ultimate justice: his death! 

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Larry has also done stunts in over 41 titles films and television.

Director (19 titles)
2013 The Mob (attached) (pre-production)
2011 Connor Undercover (TV series)
Fear Itself (2011)
2011 Mudpit (TV series)
2009-2010 Aaron Stone (TV series)
Photography (2010)
Game On (2009)
S.T.A.N. by Me (2009) (as Larry McLean)
My Two Stans (2009) (as Larry McLean)
2010 Republic of Doyle (TV series)
The One Who Got Away (2010) (as Larry McLean)
2007 'Til Death Do Us Part (TV series)
The Bog Murder (2007)
2006 Naturally, Sadie (TV series)
Home Alone (2006)
Risky Business (2006)
2002-2005 Sue Thomas: F.B.Eye (TV series)
Mind Games (2005) (as Larry McLean)
The Bounty Hunter (2005) (as Larry McLean)
False Profit (2005)
Simon Says (2004)
The New Mafia (2004)
2001-2004 Doc (TV series)
Wake Up Call (2004)
Modelrageous (2004) (as Larry McLean)
Rules of Engagement (2003) (as Larry McLean)
Pick Your Poison (2003) (as Larry McLean)
And Baby Makes Four (2003) (as Larry McLean)
2004 Strange Days at Blake Holsey High (TV series)
Echolocation (2004)
2001 Blue Murder (TV series)
All Saints (2001)
2001 In a Heartbeat (TV series)
2000 Relic Hunter (TV series)
Gypsy Jigsaw (2000)
2000 Code Name: Eternity (TV series)
Not a Bite to Eat (2000)
Project Midas (2000)
Making Love (2000)
The Long Drop (2000)
2000 Caitlin's Way (TV series)
True Grits (2000)
2000 Big Wolf on Campus (TV series)
Imaginary Fiend (2000) (as Larry McLean)
The Geek Shall Inherit the Earth (2000) (as Larry McLean)
1998 Due South (TV series)
Mountie Sings the Blues (1998) (as Larry McLean)
Dr. Longball (1998) (as Larry McLean)
1998 The Famous Jett Jackson (TV series)
Show ShowProducer (2 titles)
Show ShowActor (17 titles)