Marlene Mendoza, Gilt Enter Films, Exec. Producer Headline Animator

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

The Mob: A Woman's Revenge Cast Promo starring Eric Roberts produced by Marlene Mendoza, Michael Givens introducing music by Philip Inzunza

The original song is called "A-Okay" and the song used during the credits is called "Sneaky" (spliced together into a single track).  Both are written and recorded by Philip Inzunza, who is the front man for the band The Very.  The band is signed to the label, Aural Gravy Records, on Itunes of which Raggedy Sounds is the music publishing branch. We have a contract with the Record company for our film The Mob: A Woman's Revenge. There is presently more new music being composed by Philip Inzunza for our film.  All rights are reserved.