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Friday, December 6, 2013

The Beauty of Buttercups in the Snow (December 6, 2013) our friend Dr. Bill Bennett and his reindeer

FEARLESS HEART produced by Gilt Entertainment - Marlene Mendoza plans to shoot in Connecticut USA

 "Fearless Heart" revised screenplay was written by Marlene Mendoza and Gail Cauble Gurley.  The novel and story rights are owned by Marlene Mendoza and Gail Cauble Gurley.  The film will be produced by Gilt Enter Films Inc. Principal investors only please:

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Devil's Choice film in development - Writer Marlene Mendoza - Gilt Entertainment

Actor: Billy Porter and Mango on
Actress: Deborah Funes
Produced by Gilt Entertainment

Marlene Mendoza, Gilt Entertainment and "Devil's Choice" film in development

The Devil's Choice - produced by Gilt Entertainment, written by Marlene Mendoza for 2015 is presently in Development. Deborah Funes actress in the film.

Mango and Billy Porter - actors in the film.

Marlene Mendoza, Gilt Entertainment - Marlene Mendoza - over 15,000...

Marlene Mendoza, Gilt Entertainment, Exec. Producer: Gilt Entertainment - Marlene Mendoza - over 15,000...: Happy Thanksgiving from Gilt Enter Films       Special thanks to those that were there for us during 2013 b...

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Marlene Mendoza - Gilt Entertainment - Company Affiliates for Designer Clothes, and more....Just in time for Christmas!

Gilt Entertainment Products from affiliated companies - just in time for Christmas. Check out our store for school rings at discount or school books.  Also, jewelry, cosmetics, designer suits, etc. Here's our link to our store:  Gilt Entertainment Store  represents various companies we work with as an affiliate. There are free shipping and discounts.  Also, below you'll see a link to our films in process.
Gilt Entertainment

Marlene Mendoza, Producer

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Live by Your Own Rules - Fergie's "Viva" - Marlene Mendoza - Avon

Live by Your Own Rules: "Viva is fresh and unexpected. A sexy daring blend of notes that brings out the duality of a woman. The Viva woman is powerful, yet seductive. She lives life by her own rules."
- Fergie

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Samir Di Johansson will work with Gilt Entertainment on Stunts and Acting in Galaxy Watch (The Galacteran Legacy) and The Mob

We welcome Samir Di Johansson to our team to work with Gilt Entertainment on Stunts and Acting in our Film Galaxy Watch (The Galacteran Legacy) and The Mob.  His Manager is Marlene Mendoza 1-760-333-5051.

Samir Di Johansson

Samir Di Johansson

Samir Di Johansson

Galaxy Watch (The Galacteran Legacy)
Gilt Entertainment

The Mob
Gilt Entertainment
Samir Di Johansson is from Stockholm, Sweden.  He is really hitting the news big in his Scandinavian country and it won't be long he'll be famous in the U.S. as well.  He will do stunts and acting in the films Galaxy Watch (The Galacteran Legacy) for 2015 and The Mob for 2014 which is a Mendoza film produced by Gilt Entertainment.  He is famous for his Martial Arts.  Manager of Samir: Marlene Mendoza -  1-760-333-5051.

Samir's fan page is on Facebook:
Marlene Mendoza's fan page on Facebook:

See the films on Facebook:
The Mob:
Galaxy Watch:

Executive Producer: Marlene Mendoza

13,371 Page Views and Climbing! Casting Call for also Lead NY City Mob Boss in 1935 movie! Produced by Gilt Entertainment

Gilt Entertainment

Gilt Entertainment has a casting call for male lead New York City Mob Boss of "The Mob" film in 1935 era, which is produced by Gilt Entertainment and Cinema Arts.  Film shooting will not start until December 15, 2013.  However, you can send in your headshots and reels to our office at if interested.  If you do not make it for this role we have 2-3 other positions available.

Screenplay written by: Marlene Mendoza and G. R. Holton
Director: Larry McLean
Location: Chicago, Illinois
To purchase a signature copy of our book "The Mob" go to: THE MOB Book
The book is very exciting - rated 5 out of 5!

13,335 Page Views! Update Casting Call! For Chicago Mob Boss in "The Mob" movie produced by Gilt Entertainment

Gilt Entertainment
Gilt Entertainment has a casting call for Male Lead Chicago Mob Boss of the 1935 era, which is produced by Gilt Entertainment and Cinema Arts.  Film Shooting will not start until December 15, 2013.  However, you can send in your headshots and reels to our office at if interested.  If you do not make it for this role we have 2-3 other positions available.

Screenwriters: Marlene Mendoza and G. R. Holton
Executive Producer: Marlene Mendoza

"The Mob" book is now available for U.S. and International market.  You can purchase an autographed copy at: THE MOB BOOK NOW AVAILABLE

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Larry McLean - Director of "The Mob" our new addition to Gilt Entertainment production team.

Larry McLean
We are proud the announce our Director on "The Mob" film produced by Gilt Entertainment, which is based on the novel written by Marlene Mendoza and G. R. Holton who also wrote the screenplay. Larry's team has won one nomination and one win as best DGC Award.

The story is


Maria who becomes daddy's little girl very quickly only to see him killed in cold blood on her tenth birthday. She vows to avenge his killer.


It is 1915 and a beautiful girl is born to Anthony and Brigitta Cachiotti. Maria becomes daddy’s little girl very quickly only to see him killed in cold blood on her tenth birthday. While holding his hand during his last breath Maria vows to avenge her father’s death.
Maria learns to sing and then traps her father’s murderer Antonio Capresi into marrying her. The game begins as she tries to gather enough information to catch him and the rest of his mobster types to put them in jail or end them completely.
Will Maria avenge her father or will the mob win the game? She is either going to put Antonio away or exact the ultimate justice: his death! 

Like our page on Facebook: 

Larry has also done stunts in over 41 titles films and television.

Director (19 titles)
2013 The Mob (attached) (pre-production)
2011 Connor Undercover (TV series)
Fear Itself (2011)
2011 Mudpit (TV series)
2009-2010 Aaron Stone (TV series)
Photography (2010)
Game On (2009)
S.T.A.N. by Me (2009) (as Larry McLean)
My Two Stans (2009) (as Larry McLean)
2010 Republic of Doyle (TV series)
The One Who Got Away (2010) (as Larry McLean)
2007 'Til Death Do Us Part (TV series)
The Bog Murder (2007)
2006 Naturally, Sadie (TV series)
Home Alone (2006)
Risky Business (2006)
2002-2005 Sue Thomas: F.B.Eye (TV series)
Mind Games (2005) (as Larry McLean)
The Bounty Hunter (2005) (as Larry McLean)
False Profit (2005)
Simon Says (2004)
The New Mafia (2004)
2001-2004 Doc (TV series)
Wake Up Call (2004)
Modelrageous (2004) (as Larry McLean)
Rules of Engagement (2003) (as Larry McLean)
Pick Your Poison (2003) (as Larry McLean)
And Baby Makes Four (2003) (as Larry McLean)
2004 Strange Days at Blake Holsey High (TV series)
Echolocation (2004)
2001 Blue Murder (TV series)
All Saints (2001)
2001 In a Heartbeat (TV series)
2000 Relic Hunter (TV series)
Gypsy Jigsaw (2000)
2000 Code Name: Eternity (TV series)
Not a Bite to Eat (2000)
Project Midas (2000)
Making Love (2000)
The Long Drop (2000)
2000 Caitlin's Way (TV series)
True Grits (2000)
2000 Big Wolf on Campus (TV series)
Imaginary Fiend (2000) (as Larry McLean)
The Geek Shall Inherit the Earth (2000) (as Larry McLean)
1998 Due South (TV series)
Mountie Sings the Blues (1998) (as Larry McLean)
Dr. Longball (1998) (as Larry McLean)
1998 The Famous Jett Jackson (TV series)
Show ShowProducer (2 titles)
Show ShowActor (17 titles) 

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Almost 12,000 blog views - come visit us! Below are photos of Mom and Donald Pacholka

Margaret Pacholka

Margaret Pacholka

The Pacholka Family in late 60's

Margaret Pacholka's first baby shower in late 40's.

Margaret Helen Pacholka, born 09-08-1918, Huntingdon, Quebec, Canada, rose to heaven on 04-05- 2013. Beloved wife to John Pacholka for 67 years. Adored mother to Donald (predeceased), Wally (Elaine), Cathy, Carl (Vickie), Marlene, Mary and David (predeceased). Grandmother to 16 and great grandmother to 22. She was an unbelievable model of love, gentleness, and strength, all mixed in with a beautiful laugh and smile. Our family mourns this pillar in our lives. A celebration of her life was held
Monday, April 15th, 7p.m. at Pierce Brothers Mortuary, 2425 W. Lincoln Ave., Anaheim, CA.  Funeral
Mass was at St. Irenaeus Church, Cypress, CA, Tuesday April 16th, at 8:30 a.m.  (Mom was 94.5 years old). 

Donald Pacholka her eldest son was also laid to rest.  Here is a recent photo of them prior to their passing: Donald was the family comedian, because he always had something funny to say. We will miss his laughter.  He was a very generous soul to the whole family.  He took months out of the year and travel long distance to help care for Mom and Dad. He was a wonderful son and brother to us all.  He was 65 years old.

Created by: Marlene Mendoza (Daughter and sister)

Margaret Pacholka and her oldest son Donald

 Donald Pacholka

Friday, February 15, 2013

Addition to Gilt Entertainment's Team

My partner Sandeep is a Senior Software Engineer, AIm DIgitech Pvt Ltd. delhi | India. IGNOU. He has a Masters in Computers, Software Engineer.  

Loki Sumar is an actor, animator, designer, director, producer, sound_designer, writer. delhi Delhi India.

Marlene Mendoza has a Masters in Leadership Management and is a producer, writer, marketing director.

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Property of "Share" project

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