Marlene Mendoza, Gilt Enter Films, Exec. Producer Headline Animator

Friday, February 7, 2014

Sales & Marketing of and Executive Drivers for entertainment and business professionals for the Palm Springs area

Uber drivers

We are your one tap app to ride through Uber app, reliable, cashless, clear pricing. Dedicated professionals perfecting the way you ride. Moving entertainment and business professionals in the Palm Springs area. Uber is presently in 60 countries and growing strong.  It's presently a $135M dollar company and growing.  If you're in the Palm Springs area use promo code "uberlove2ride" go to: "" and you'll get $20.00 discount off your first ride.  You can even share costs with other drivers.  Go to and download the app today for your iPhone or Android.

Sales, Marketing & Executive Drivers for the Palm Springs Area